An in-person event for business owners who want to connect with like-minded women, network and build business skills


Are you great at what you do, but want to improve your confidence, connections and skills when it comes to business?


Do you wish you had support around you, a few business buddies and even some business experts at your finger tips to help you through the tough times and celebrate the wins?

We think it’s time we all got together for networking, building connections to other like-minded women and business training.
Oh, and of course coffee!

Donna Hann & Courtney Morrison have cooked up a plan to bring together local Women in business on a monthly basis and to foster a space that feels supportive, empowering and inspiring!

Each monthly session will include;

A Monthly catch up to include;
⭐️ A mini business training session (different topic each month)
⭐️ Networking with other like minded women in business
⭐️ Barista made Coffee (c' if there wouldn’t be coffee!! and tea etc too) and morning tea

If this is something you would like to attend, you can purchase your ticket below.

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Coffee & Connections for women in Business 

Coffee & Connections isn't just meet & greet networking. It's about enhancing business skills and fostering authentic, lasting relationships with the women in the Gladstone region. 
Second Wednesday of every month 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM 
Thrive Local Co.
Shop 2 / 65 Tank Street, Gladstone Queensland 4680
$17 includes mini business education session, barista made coffee and morning tea


Our mission is to help women build a strong, successful business, find time for themselves, dial down overwhelm and avoid burnout. By facilitating mini business education sessions, inviting opportunities for networking and by building connections with other like-minded women, our vision is that you will continue on the journey of business feeling supported, inspired and empowered!

About Donna

I'm the creator of She’s in Business, Ready to Rise Program and Soaring to Success Membership for Regional Business Women! If you are a Gladstone local, you may also know me as the founder and previous owner of Dance Kix.

I've built and grown multiple businesses since the age of 19 (yes.. I'm a serial entrepreneur). My mission is to share the essential knowledge, skills and lessons learned that you can apply to your business right away.

Prior to selling my strong 6-figure dance studio in December 2021, the business took care of itself (thanks to robust strategies, systems and awesome staff). I had the freedom to step away from work whenever I was needed by my family, or whenever I wanted to take time for me.

I decided to launch ‘She’s in Business’ with a vision to share my knowledge and to support other women to grow their own business around the needs of their family, whilst also ensuring that they get the necessary down time to rest and recharge! 

‘She’s in Business’ offers online training courses, private business strategy coaching and an online support network for women who are ambitious, driven and action takers!

About Courtney

Through experiences and insights practicing Human Resources Management in Industry, Community and Not for Profit organisations for over a decade, I couldn't help but be called to action on a deeper question - How might authentically caring for the wholeness of people positively influence engagement, performance and untapped potential?

What I observed: 

  • "nice-to-have" statements about valuing people and valuing each other not being backed

  • people consistently functioning from a place of survival and burnout

  • unintended tension created by jumping to assumptions and tangled communications and relationships

  • heightened levels of anxiety and uncertainty moving into, through and from change

What I found and research suggests, our ability to rethink and care for wellbeing at the levels of me (individual), we (teams) and us (organisation) through both practical and strategic action is more within our reach. 

I am on a mission to co-create measurable difference putting personalised content flavoured with the latest in positive psychology, wellbeing science and positive change at the fingertips of people who are ready to thrive more consistently.

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