Donna shares her method to create a healthy work-life blend whilst growing a successful business

Reflect, Recharge & Plan for 2023

Online event

Monday 30 January, 10.30am-12.30pm


Get clarity and plan for success!

Donna is hosting a series of in-person and online workshops, where you can join other like minded business women who are ready to reflect, reimagine and plan for the best year yet! Leave feeling confident, clear and ready to power into 2023 with heart centred plan that will serve you, your family and your business!

Are you ready to:

  • Reconnect and fulfil your purpose and passion?
  • Grow your business in a way that lights you up, not burns you out?
  • Feel more focused and driven?
  • Align your business and lifestyle to your core values?
  • Set your intention for a healthy work-life blend in juggling business, family and self care successfully?
  • Explore ways to create freedom from your business?
  • Make new meaningful connections with other women in business?


What we'll cover in the workshop

  • A comprehensive business health check. You’ll review the core pillars of your business
  • With Donna’s help, you’ll assess the top 3 wins for the year and identify the top 3 areas of improvement for 2023
  • You’ll drill down on what needs to be done in 2023 to help your future self to be happier, healthier and in harmony with your inner knowing, passion and purpose.
  • Through this process, you’ll draw focus to the things that will help to grow your business in the direction of your vision
  • You’ll learn the importance of setting new boundaries which will help to create balance for a life and business by design
  • Finally, you will finish with setting your intention for 2023 with crystal clear goals on a one page plan.



Monday 30th January


  • 2hrs workshop online with Donna
  • PDF printable workbook
  • Access to the recording of the workshop

Align to your inner knowing, passion and purpose to create your own version of success

 This is your invitation to reimagine what’s possible for you and your business, to recalibrate your intentions and goals as we move into a new year

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Donna Hann



I’ve always been unafraid of a challenge, I'm ambitious and a tenacious high achiever. I’m a goal setter and a go getter! Maybe that’s why I enjoy being in business so much! 

I’m hugely passionate about empowering ‘Mums who are made for more’ to grow their own business around the needs of their family and avoid burn out! Why? Because whilst I have achieved great success with my businesses over the years, as a Mum of a young family, it hasn’t always been easy! 

But I’m here to show you that it is absolutely possible! 

As a business coach and strategist, I work with women around the world to teach them how to achieve a healthy work-life blend, a successful business that aligns with their core and their own version of success.