Reflect, Imagine and Plan for 2022

Do you want to show up stronger in 2022, make positive changes to the way you do business and to get more balance in your personal and family life? 

I can help you with that

The most effective way to ensure that you set yourself up for success in your business and be the best version of yourself throughout the year, is to reflect on 2021 and map out your intentions for 2022. Only then will you be able to confidently grow your business to it's highest potential, be present with your family and take time for you.

When you carve out a business that serves you (not just your clients) you'll be feeling vibrant, creative and ready to smash your goals. 

LIVE Webinar with Donna Hann 

"Reflect, Imagine and Plan for 2022" 


Monday, 31st January @10am Brisbane AEST

Duration 60mins

Cost $47

Step by step, I’m going to run through everything you need to reflect on 2021 and plan for a super successful 2022.

In this live webinar you’ll discover:

  • The critical importance of reflecting on the health of your business and your wellbeing as an entrepreneur... I'll share my tools and guide you through the techniques for recognising the areas of your professional and personal life that are causing you to experience stress and overwhelm. 
  • I'll share why pushing through into another year without proactively managing your stress and personal wellbeing is the worst way to grow your business and the fastest path to burnout... and the simple things you can do instead
  • In the downloadable workbook, you’ll complete a health check on your business and create a simple 1 page plan for 2022... incorporating business, family and self care for a more balanced, contented lifestyle.
  • You'll leave the masterclass feeling confident, clear and ready to power into 2022... knowing that you have a heart centred plan that will serve you, your family and your clients for the best year yet!