Inspiring business women to do big things with their small business!


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I know the work that goes into producing and promoting a podcast, that’s because I have my own podcast. The ‘She’s in Business’ Podcast makes business development and support accessible to empower regional women, to reach heightened levels of clarity, confidence to fast track business goals and live a fully charged life.  

With a total of 10,513 downloads (and counting!) my podcast reaches all corners of the globe, with the majority of my listenership within Australia, USA, Germany, Spain & Ireland.

That being said, I appreciate the work that goes into bringing a podcast to life and producing regular episodes. So as a guest on your podcast, you can be assured that:

✅ I’ll show up prepared (headphones, mic and camera ready!)

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✅ I’ll jump in an Instagram live with you to promote the episode (if that’s something you’d like to do)


Inspiring business women to do big things with their small business!


Hi, I'm Donna!

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women around Australia, be it business owners, leaders and their teams, I’m on a missions to unleash the potential of regional, rural and remote business women and master the (often) messy middle of business growth and start-up. 

I’m a certified high performance coach, leadership specialist and strategic thinker, I’ve empowered my clients to change their habits, reshape their mindset, grow their business skills and reach high performance in their lives, businesses and workplaces. And I have the experience of starting, growing, and selling 3 successful regional businesses.  

As a sought after speaker, I’ve created and facilitated structured workshops, courses and the Regional Business Women’s Membership. My structured programs are crafted with foundational frameworks, world-class coaching skills, and well-rounded life and business experience.  

I live in the Gladstone region, QLD, with my husband and our two boys. When I'm not working, you'll find me camping with my family, at the beach or relaxing at home with a good book and a zesty cocktail.

But enough about that.. 

Bottom line is ... I’m here to help women to grow their business and leadership skills and to support them to feel more energised, engaged and fulfilled, no matter what stage of business or geographical location!



Aligned and Ambitious; Strategies for Sustainable Business Success

A topic designed to support ambitious business owners to grow an aligned and successful business. 

In my own business journey, I’ve come to learn that true success happens when you can achieve your own version of success, over the long-term, whilst maintaining your well-being and relationships. 

Whilst the ideal vision is different for everyone. What often happens is that most people start a business for the freedom it brings but often the reality is very different from the ideal vision! Commonly, after a year or two the business owner becomes a slave to the demands of the business, add family demands into the mix, and juggling all the responsibilities often leads to business burnout or relationship breakdown.

With a high rate of Australian businesses failing to reach their potential and closing within the first three years of operation, business owners need to do everything in their power to set themselves up for success! Gaining ultimate clarity and access to sustainable business strategies can be the key to unlocking aligned professional growth, without burnout.

I’ll share some high performance concepts to support listeners to reach long-term professional success while maintaining well-being and relationships along the way. Plus talk about the key elements every business owner needs to master mindset and build resilience to grow to their highest potential.

Listeners will feel inspired and empowered by our conversation, and have the opportunity to download my free Ultimate Productivity Planner to support them to grow their business in the direction of their vision with confidence and purpose.



Aligned and Ambitious; Strategies for Sustainable Business Success

Whilst I’ll flow with whatever questions you ask me during the podcast recording, as a podcast host myself, I get that coming up with questions can be time consuming and a little tricky if we haven’t met before. So I’ve made it super easy for you with some suggested questions to keep our conversation flowing and to provide incredible value and impact for your listeners.


🎧 Tell me about your business journey and what led you to be so passionate about helping women in business to step into their potential and grow their businesses?

🎧 What are the common challenges faced by women in business that you feel leads to business failure or burnout? 

🎧 In your experience as a certified high performance business and mindset coach;

  • What suggestions do you have for starting or growing a sustainable business?
  • What can we do to embrace high ambition and achieve goals, without going down the path of burnout?
  • What are the key elements needed to master mindset and strengthen resilience when navigating the pressures and challenges of business ownership?

🎧 Do you have any resources that would be helpful and support someone who is listening to this podcast and would like to make improvements to their mindset and business practices, so that they can grow their business?

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