The ULTIMATE 2024 Business Planner

Reflect, plan and prepare for 2024 to be your best year in business yet!

  • Get the exact process I go through with my clients to map out the BIG picture vision, then chunk down into smaller achievable goals and actions.
  • 20 pages of worksheets, questions and processes to help you get the ultimate clarity your need to prioritise your action steps for the new year.
  •  It's not just business strategy, it will also help you with your mindset to make it all happen, as well as the boundaries and self care you'll need to take consistent action.

Hi, I'm Donna Hann

I’ve always been unafraid of a challenge, I'm ambitious and a tenacious high achiever. I’m a goal setter and a go getter! Maybe that’s why I enjoy being in business so much! 

As a certified high-performance business and mindset coach and a long-term regional business owner, I'm on a mission to unleash the potential of Australian regional business women.

Through high-performance concepts, business tools and mindset strategies, I'm breaking down barriers to empower regional entrepreneurs, just like you, to reach heightened levels of clarity, confidence to fast track your business goals and live a fully charged life!

I’m making world class business and mindset training affordable and accessible to regional business women everywhere! Join me, and guest experts, as we share tools and insights to elevate your business, boost your mindset, and ensure you never feel alone on this journey, no matter where you live!

I've started, grown and sold 3 businesses, and I'm here to educate you on what it truly takes to grow your business and your mindset so you can build a strong 6-figure business, avoid burnout and enjoy the journey! 

What my clients are saying...