Supporting entrepreneurial Mum’s, who are made for more!

My Mission

She’s In Business was founded to educate, empower and support Mum's who are made for more.

The purpose of the program is to integrate the three sides of entrepreneurial mums; savvy business woman + devoted mum + connected self and bring about change using the concept of a business by design.

Being intentional about the way you shape your business, where you spend your time and the mindset you choose can have an incredible impact on your lifestyle and the success of your business.

All too often the juggle of responsibilities results in resentment or burnout (or both!) It doesn’t have to be that way! You can burn bright instead of burning out.

My Mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurial Mum’s transform from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated into savvy, fulfilled and energised women; ready to rise to the next level in business.

Helping and supporting Mum’s in business, who are made for more!



The creator of She’s in Business and the Ready To Rise course, for Mum’s who are made for more!

I’m no stranger to the juggle of babies and business. 

Here’s how it often went for me….

When they slept, I would work. When they cried at the door because I was leaving them with a babysitter, I would well up with tears of guilt. Sound familiar?

Dirty laundry, dishes, emails and messages would begin to pile up, so too would the internal overwhelm. Anxiety would creep in at 2am, to-do list racing through my head. Sleep….what’s that?

I know the feeling of exhaustion and the never ending guilt. I also know the frustration of working my butt off and feeling like I was spinning my wheels. I had moments when I felt like I wasn’t cut out for being a Mum in business. Have you had those moments too? 

I want you to know that you’re not alone. Creating a thriving business takes work, but it doesn’t have to leave you feeling completely drained and out of your league!

Through building and growing multiple businesses and knowing first hand the challenges of having a young family to juggle, my mission is to share the essential knowledge and skills that you can apply to your business right away. I run a healthy 6-figure business that now takes care of itself (thanks to robust systems and awesome staff). I have the freedom to step away from work whenever I’m needed by my family, or whenever I want to take time for me.

Donna Hann


'She's in Business' was created so I could share my knowledge and experience through an online course and online coaching. My mission is to help Mum's in business take their business (whatever that may be) to the next level without the overwhelm and burnout, and build a community of like minded women who inspire, motivate and support each other. 

If that is what your looking for, then this is for you! I’m ready to help you intentionally shape and grow your business so that you can carve out more quality time for you and your family.

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