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The online course helping entrepreneurial Mums step into their potential and build a life and business by design.

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She's in Business

Helping Mum’s in business to step into their potential and build a life and business by design.

Hello Freedom.

What started out as a passion project turned business idea was intended to bring you freedom right?

You set out to earn some cash, work around the kids, to be available to your family..but it hasn't turned out that way.

A growing business bursting with potential can be re-shaped to deliver you the success you dream of.. around your life and family, not in place of it.

Hello Dollars.

You're working your butt off, but where's all the money? It's beyond frustrating!

When you get crystal clear on your purpose and goals, double down on the things that move the needle towards your vision, you can make an incredible difference to your bottom line profit.

Get the business knowledge and strategies you need today, whilst growing your financial independence.

Hello You.

Do you miss your old self? She was happy, carefree and full of energy

Right now, the idea of digging yourself free from under that enormous pile of responsibility and emotional load seems impossible.

Self care, understanding your stress triggers and honouring your worth can make the difference between the life you dream of .. and the life you have now.

You only get one life, it's time to live it!

Are you ready to show up as the woman you know you are? Are you ready to integrate the three sides of your life?

(the ambitious business woman + the warm, fun, nurturing Mum + chilled relaxed and energised YOU that's been AWOL)

Are you ready to experience the ease and flow that comes when you shape a business by design?

Welcome...this is the space for you :)

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Rise to the next level, burn bright without burning out

A course and community built for Mum's who are made for more!

I bet you started your business with the dream of freedom…

Did you have a vision of working within school hours, earning great money, having your ‘own thing’ as a Mum? At the start it was invigorating and exciting, but somewhere along the way the responsibilities of running a business and a household now feels heavy and draining. The equilibrium you wish you had in life seems unattainable. 

At an educated guess, I bet you’re squeezing in work at every chance you get to keep up with the demands of a growing business (sleep, what's that?) and you’ve got so many balls in the air that you’ve lost count. And the Mum fails start rolling in along with the’re late to school drop off, you missed a deadline for a client, the fridge is empty and the washing pile resembles Mt Everest. Does this sound like your life right now?

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of balance in your life, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. BUT there is a way to experience the freedom that you set out to achieve, rather than continually chasing the dream. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve broken that cycle, I want to show you how you can do it too!


Donna Hann

I’ve had three successful businesses and learned so many lessons along the way, that I want to share with you! I believe that women can lift and inspire each other to get the things they most desire. For me, it’s a happy connected family, time for myself and a thriving profitable business. If that’s you too, then you are in the right place!

I grew up watching my parents establish a business from the ground up, so it was no surprise that I took action in building my first business at the age of 19 (pre-kids).

The following two businesses began whilst navigating the steep learning curve known as motherhood! Add to that relocating to regional Queensland, with no family support on hand and a husband who worked 70+ hours a week, the hustle was a daily grind for this mumma! (don’t get me started on the mummy guilt!)

Many people would ask me why I was so determined to run a business, when I had my hands full with a 3 year old and 6 month old... I just had this burning feeling that I was made for more than just being a Mum and for a long time I felt massive guilt around that. I knew I needed to honour myself in doing something that lit me up, gave me independence and challenged me. I knew I was smart, savvy, that I had so much to give and that I could do it! 

Fast forward 5 years and now I have a six figure business and it’s ticking along without much involvement from me, which allows me to spend quality time with my family and prioritse my own needs to prevent overwhelm and fatigue. 

I decided to launch ‘She’s in Business’ with a vision to support and share my knowledge with other Mum’s to grow their own business around the needs of their family, whilst also ensuring that they get the necessary down time to rest and recharge! 

‘She’s in Business’ offers online training courses, business coaching and an online support network for Mums in Business who are ambitious, driven and action takers!

Whilst juggling both a growing business and a busy family is no walk in the park, I’m here to inspire and empower women because I’ve experienced first hand that it absolutely is possible!

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Being a Mum shouldn’t mean that your talents for other things get shelved or disregarded. It’s easy to put everyone else's needs before your own, but when that burning desire to start your own business has no off switch... It’s time to listen and take action! 

BUT (here’s the catch) whilst juggling a business around the needs of your family there is a tendency to slip into overwhelm and burn out, which can have negative effects on your health and relationships. My mission is to help women find time for themselves, dial down overwhelm and avoid burnout by sharing business education training, facilitating business coaching and by building an online support network.

I'm so confident that you’ll love being a part of Ready to Rise that if you don’t get MASSIVE VALUE in the first 30 days, you can cancel and we’ll refund you.

But… I’m pretty sure this course will transform your business and give you the balance you want, so get ready!

What is covered in the course

EVERYTHING to take you from overwhelmed, frustrated and on the road to burnout to business savvy, energised and fulfilled. 

Module 1 Clarity over Chaos

Get clear on you and your business vision, mission, values, superpowers and weaknesses.

Module 2 Dream go-getter

Yes you can! Setting goals for greatness and over coming fears

Module 3 Business Pillars of Success

Marketing to your ideal customer, Products & Services, Systems & Automations, Finances & money mindset, Building a team & Intentional Leadership

Module 4 Planning for Greatness

3 year, 12 month, 90 Day and Weekly planning. Productivity and time management techniques and strategies.

Module 5 Branding Brilliance

A deep dive into branding anatomy, strategy and building your brand strength.

Module 6 Managing the nest

Communicating with your family, outsourcing and organising the home and managing the invisible load

Module 7 It all comes down to you

Explore the 5 areas of self care Start new habits to reenergise, rejuvenate and  shine up your sparkle.

Private Facebook Course Members Group

Be supported and guided by Donna on your learning journey, and be inspired and empowered by other women on the journey with you.

Need more detail?

This transformational 12 week experience is designed specifically for smart and savvy business women, who feel overwhelmed and overtired by the struggle of successfully juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship. 

You’ll emerge with the tools you need to carve out time to develop a deep unwavering connection with your family, time to feed your soul needs (including rest and rejuvenation) and build a profitable business that serves your core values and continues to fill your cup year after year.

The Ready to Rise 12 week transformation program covers;

  • The systems, tools and frameworks that will transform your business and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted…You'll finally discover how to get the balance you need
  • Why muddling through without structure, purpose and direction is the worst way to grow your business and the fastest way to burn out...and the simple things you need to do instead to save time and become more productive. 
  • Highly effective ways to increase ease and flow into your lifestyle.. step into a new version of yourself. Be the savvy business woman, and nurturing mother you know you were made to be (no mum guilt)
  • You'll emerge feeling ready to rise to the next level, empowered with knowledge and confidence. You’ll be ready to shape the heart centred business you’ve been dreaming of, balanced with a deep unwavering connection to your family, AND time to feed your soul with rested rejuvenation. 

Course facilitation includes;

  • 7 beautifully presented modules for self paced online learning, comprised of instructional videos, frameworks, tutorials, guest experts
  • An easy to follow, user friendly workbook.
  • Membership access to private course members facebook group, where you'll be supported in your journey through the course and inspired by other women who are on the journey with you.
  • BONUS 12 weekly group session with Donna, alternating between guiding through each module and keep you on track or group Q&A session so you can get the most out of the course (valued $57p/mth)

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Who it's for...

  • Women who have a business that has been established for 12mths-3years and is growing or has the potential to grow
  • For women who often feel overwhelmed by not having enough hours in the day to complete their never ending to-do list (both for business & family responsibilities)
  • For doers and action takers who are ready to extend their knowledge of business strategy and have the discipline to put it into practice. 
  • For Women who are wanting to leverage freedom within their business, so that they can choose to spend quality time with family, friends and have time to themselves to rest, recover and rejuvenate.
  • For women who value the importance of self care, but never seem to be able to make it a reality
  • For Mum’s in business who want a better balance. Have a kick ass career and a connected family life

Who it's not for...

  • Women who aren’t prepared to do the work or eager to learn and put strategies into practice
  • High level business women, already earning super big bucks and running efficiently
  • Blokes (no offense, but this one is for the girls!)

Let’s take care of you, your family and your business

Get the tools you need today!

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Do you know your potential but still have a few problems...

OverwhelmFeeling under skilled, lacking confidence, letting people down (family/customers), feeling alone and unsupported. Can’t switch off, overthinking, always busy/never fully present. 

Transform to being clear on what triggers overwhelm/fears for you and letting them go, regain a sense of control (you run the business, not it running you), build a life by design where you have the power, confidence and skills to shape the life you truly desire. Access an online supportive community of like minded women, a sounding board for your ideas, challenges and wins.

Lack of clarity/purposeMaking sacrifices to build a business that isn’t really heart centred and satisfying to your deeper purpose. Feeling unclear/unsure of what kind of business you are creating. Feel like your business has morphed into a direction that isn’t aligning to your dream of a better balance, instead it feels like a burden and isn’t fun anymore. Worry that continuing to run your business this way will leave you feeling exhausted. Wish you could turn more profit to make up for the sacrifices. 

Transform to knowing who your ideal customer is, having clear goals and firm understanding of what will drive increased revenue and profitability. Structure your business around the things you enjoy, the stuff that lights you up and brings you joy. Build a business that truly serves your core values. Shape a heart centred business that continues to fill your cup year after year.

Lack of time/energyFeeling like a bad mum/partner never present or fully in the moment, headed for burnout, losing yourself as an individual. Spread so thin, letting down family and customers. Feeling like no matter how hard you work the juggle never gets easier and you never move forward. Constantly feeling exhausted in trying to keep your family going and grow the business. Feeling frustrated by never having enough hours in the day. 

Transform to getting really clear on what to work on to move the needle and become super productive. Lift the burden of mum guilt, feel energised, supported and inspired. Shape a business that satisfies your ambition and deep purpose. Take advantage of the freedom that business ownership brings to be really connected to your family and be in the present moment. To have the freedom and time to be a great entrepreneur and mum/partner.

Self doubt/imposter/ joy suckFeeling that maybe you’re not made to be a business owner, that you’re not good enough and completely out of your league. You look at other women in business who seem to have it all together, love what they do and you wonder how they do it. You feel constantly overwhelmed and stretched, there’s not enough profit for all the effort you put in. 

Transform to learning how others do it and taking action to implement it, you build solid revenue streams and see a revenue/profit rise, you see business growth without working more hours, let go of fears that cause overwhelm. You feel supported and uplifted by other women who are on the same journey as you, you feel confident and enjoy a sense of achievement. You can stand side by side with successful women in business, feel proud and inspire others to be just like you.

I’m married to Troy, and Mum to our two boys Levi and Rix. We live in regional Queensland and love to travel in our caravan whenever we can. 

I’m a free spirit with a creative flair. The need to be grounded by nature (the beach is my happy place), creative with art (painting is my meditation) and physically active (dance is where my soul breathes) Being grounded is a continuous ache that if left unattended becomes suffocating. And so I’ve learned to take care of myself by pressing the pause button on a regular basis to practice these things, and as a result I’m a better me, a better Mum, a better wife and more successful entrepreneur. 

Other things I love;

  • A great start to the day begins with a hot cup of tea and my gratitude journal
  • I’m a spiritual being... I love crystals, essential oils, I believe in the power of manifestation, and always being kind!
  • I’m always thirsty for personal and professional development!
  • When overseas travel isn’t an option, there's nothing better than hitching up the caravan with my husband and 2 boys for an overland adventure.
  • Thanks to my very enthusiastic petrol head husband, I’m learning to ride an MX bike so I can keep up with our boys and share in their passion to ride fast in the great outdoors!

What you'll get from the Course?

What you’ll learn on the business aspect - 

  • We’ll dive deep into your business goals, aspirations and shape your vision for the future. You’ll get clarity to leverage your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll unpack and understand your core values and reasons for being in business, so that you can strengthen your business and ensure it is travelling in the direction you want it to go.
  • We’ll be exploring long and short term plans and overcoming any fears and anxiety standing in your way, setting you up to feel inspired and empowered to smash your goals. 
  • I’ll share my 12 month, 90 day and weekly planners with you and you’ll learn how to plan for greatness and high level success, so that your business grows to six figures. You’ll get laser clear on how to magnetize your ideal customer with a carefully constructed brand experience. 
  • You’ll create and implement a customer experience that is frictionless and transform their journey to one that’s overflowing with positive feedback which will grow your reputation to the next level. 
  • You’ll understand the importance of tracking and managing your business finances, I’ll share some tools with you for mastering your budget and cash flow, so that there is more money in your bank account and you hit the six figure goal you’ve been aiming for.

What you’ll learn on the personal aspect - 

  • We’ll delve into developing a growth mindset for managing your business and family, and setting boundaries for preventing burnout. You’ll get to know your stress triggers and how to manage them, to transform you into feeling calm and balanced.
  • You’ll explore ways to communicate more effectively with your family, ask for more support, and I’ll share hacks to establish a more organised home.
  • We’ll highlight the importance of honouring yourself as a savvy and talented woman, to fill your bucket with the things that light you up (guilt-free). To take regular rest to recharge and rejuvenate your creativity and energy.

She’s in Business is designed to provide you with the blueprint to fast track you towards the business you’ve been dreaming of, by focusing on the things that will get you there! If you find yourself wondering ‘How do other women do it?’, I’m here to share the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired, the mistakes I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned. She’s is Business is not just about online training, it’s also about the tribe of women, just like you, who are inspirational, supportive and ready to step up on this journey with you to help you reach your goals.

Here is what our customers are saying.....

I joined the Ready to Rise program feeling absolutely lost with little to no direction of where I wanted my business to go or how to get it there in such a saturated market.

I was burnt out, I had no balance between business & family and self-care was non-existent. I was at a crossroads.

12 weeks later, I have clarity & look forward to taking my business to the next level. 

Hayley - Melibugz Handmade

I came to Donna in a very overwhelmed and burnout state which led to almost thinking I needed to shut the doors of my business. 

Our first coaching session was exactly what I needed, her understanding and ability to empathise from her own experiences was amazing. Donna took direction and took me back to the beginning of why I started my business in the first place. 

The worksheets were easy to understand which assisted in organising a plan to be put into action. Donna is exactly like a personal trainer of the business world.

Amber - Hardcore Fitness

The Ready to Rise program was well organised and had plenty of resources.

I’m glad I took the plunge to do the course and developed a new sense of business.

Donna is giving and kind hearted and believes in everyone which is shown by her one on one coaching.

Melissa - Big Sis Lil Bro Embroidery

The way Donna facilitates learning is thoughtful, well planned, grounded in experience, super generous and inspires a sense of calm, confidence and fun to master new skills.

Courtney - Dear Self Yoga

Loved the terrific masterclass presented by Donna for the Australian Children's Activities Association.

It was extremely well presented, the subject matter, graphics and delivery was spot on. Most professional. Most engaging.

Australian Children's Activity Association

Donna is an incredible mastermind when it comes to organising, time management and delivering amazing masterclasses.

Donna puts in the hard work to simplify tasks and techniques for the every day professional business woman. 

I know being a Mum of five her tips help me daily to re-evaluate where and what my time goes into.

Beck Smith - Beam in Business

I joined the Ready to Rise course as I was feeling overwhelmed with all of the things all of the time. I had not clear plan for the direction I was wanting to head.

After diving deep into parts of the course, my direction and business goals became clear and I ticked off a big business goal during the course after pushing aside some mental blocks that for absolutely no reason were holding me back.

The results from achieving this goal has seen my business sales increase quite a bit in the last few weeks so now I’ve decided to continue on in the Ready to Rise community and re-do the course again or another 12 weeks as a different person from when I first started 12 weeks ago.

As I sit here thinking back to 12 weeks ago, I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come as a business owner and how much has changed for the better in my business.

Ellice - Serao Pretties

Want to find out more about growing your business?

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