Transform your business to become the one you've been dreaming of. 

Jump start your productivity prowess, banish the overwhelm and reclaim time for you and your family!

  • Plan for productivity and become a time management master 

  • Reduce overwhelm (bye bye 2am monkey brain)

  • Stop spinning your wheels and smash your goals instead

Get the productivity planner now!

đź’ĄThis is more than a planner, it's a system for becoming super intentional with how you spend your timeđź’Ą

You can start to;

âś…Plan for productivity and become a time management master (work smarter, not harder)

âś…Reduce overwhelm (bye bye 2am monkey brain)

âś…Stop spinning your wheels and smash your goals instead

âś…Manage your time so that you can be present with the people that mean the most to you.

âś…Establish a smooth synergy of all the things that light you up! (savvy business woman, wholehearted Mum and a sense of connectedness to your soul, Oh..hello selfcare!)

This is the start of positioning yourself to grow your business to make more money! You’ll also begin to unlock the healthy work-life blend of successful business ownership and motherhood. 

Hi, I'm Donna Hann

I’ve always been unafraid of a challenge, I'm ambitious and a tenacious high achiever. I’m a goal setter and a go getter! Maybe that’s why I enjoy being in business so much! 

I’m here to empower ‘Mums who are made for more’ to grow their own business around the needs of their family and avoid burn out! Why? Because whilst I have achieved great success with my businesses over the years, as a Mum of a young family, it hasn’t always been easy! 

But I’m here to show you that it is absolutely possible! 

As a business coach and strategist, I work with women around the world to achieve a healthy work-life blend and to build a successful business that aligns with their core and their own version of success.

I've started, grown and sold 3 businesses (yes.. I'm a serial entrepreneur) and I know first hand the challenges of having a young family to juggle. My mission is to share the essential frameworks, skills and lessons learned with you so you can build a strong 6-figure business and have the freedom to step away from it to be present with those who mean the most or to take time for yourself to rest and recharge.

 ‘She’s in Business’ offers online courses, group coaching programs, private business strategy coaching, the She's in Business Podcast and an online support network for Mums in Business who are ambitious, driven and action takers!

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