01 - My story and business journey..thus far

To kick off the very first episode of the podcast, I thought it would be polite of me to introduce myself and share my business journey thus far!

I have been inspired by businesses and business owners from a really young age! ​​I’ve built, grown and sold multiple businesses and I now run a healthy 6-figure business that now takes care of itself (thanks to robust systems and awesome staff). I have the freedom to step away from work whenever I’m needed by my family, or whenever I want to take time for myself. But it wasn’t always that way!

I know first hand the challenges of having a young family to juggle. When they slept, I would work. When they cried at the door because I was leaving them with a babysitter, I would well up with tears of guilt. Sound familiar?

I’m married to a typical Aussie bloke, and Mum to our two boys. We live in a seaside town in regional Queensland and love to travel in our caravan whenever we can.

I’m a free spirit with a creative flair. I need to be grounded by nature (the beach is my happy place), creative with art (painting is my meditation) and physically active (dance is where my soul breathes) Being grounded is a continuous ache that if left unattended becomes suffocating. And so I’ve learned to take care of myself by pressing the pause button on a regular basis to practice these things, and as a result I’m a better me, a better Mum, a better wife and more successful entrepreneur.

Helping ‘Mums who are made for more’ grow their own business around the needs of their family, whilst also ensuring that they get the necessary down time to rest and recharge is a huge passion of mine! Why? Because whilst I have achieved great success with my businesses over the years, as a Mum of a young family, it hasn’t always been easy!

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