05 - Briony Benjamin on her book 'Life is tough and so are you'

I'm really thrilled to introduce you to an incredible woman who through a really challenging journey has come out on the other side with so much wisdom to share with the world! Briony Benjamin got the shock of her life after feeling awful for over a year, she discovered she had cancer all through her body. 

As a film maker, Briony turned the camera on herself and began to document her journey in the form of a short video called "You Only Get One Life", which then led on to a book deal!

The book is called ‘Life is Tough and so are you’, and it’s filled with helpful guidance to get you through any life crisis. But more than that, the pages of this book have the wisdom to improve your everyday life. In this podcast, we chat about Briony’s experience, her book and her outlook on life!

Find Briony; Instagram - Briony_Benjamin

Facebook - Briony B

Link to Video ‘You only get one life’ - https://www.instagram.com/p/B2dnyernb3H/