07 - Jo Blowfield on building a business for the long-haul

My guest today is Jo Blowfield and she is an absolute powerhouse! In our conversation today, we talk about Jo’s 17 year business journey which has had its fair share of twists and turns along the way. We delve into how Jo navigates the beautiful and crazy mix of raising a family whilst building a business and a little about working side by side with her husband for the past 16 years.

Jo is the founder and director of 3 businesses. Her latest side hustle is a company called ‘Business and Sequins’ and Jo’s goal is to support and cheer other women along their business journey by sharing her experience and training packages.

In this episode Jo mentions my weekly Coffee & Coaching session. It happens every Wednesday at 10.30am (AEST) on my instagram & facebook pages, it’s totally free and I’d like to invite you to tune in!

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