11 - Carla Bond Confessions of a people pleaser

Carla Bond is a business owner, Mum of three and wife. She runs a hairdressing salon and the founder and creator of ‘Think, Feel You’, a Body Confidence online course and community for women, designed to fuel their mind, body, and soul, so that they can feel incredible and truly live their best lives now and in the future, to create impact for generations to come.

The key takeaways from this podcast

  • People pleasing and the effect that it can have (not just on your choices, but also on your soul)
  • How pouring from an empty cup helps no one
  • We share our thoughts on understanding that where you are right now, in this season of life is right where you need to be. 

Carla is a self-confessed beach, coffee and happiness lover and she's also very passionate about inspiring and empowering women to feel limitless and confident. So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy Carla's words of wisdom.

Want to know more about Carla? Go to www.carlabond.com or discover her on instagram @Carla_bond_ 


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