13 - Jen Dugard on Physical wellbeing for busy Mums

Season #3

As busy mums in business, often caring for our own physical health through exercise can fall to the bottom of the list of priorities.

I invited Jen Dugard on the podcast to talk about the importance of physical self care and how to infuse it into our weekly routine, without it feeling like a chore. And while we did talk about that, we also talked about a lot more too!

Jen Dugard is the founder of Body Beyond Baby, creator of Fitness Professional Education, Safe Return To Exercise and author of the book: "How To Love Your Body as Much as Your Baby". Jen has over 15 years of experience within the fitness industry and her personal message and mission is to raise the standard of the fitness industry through education and collaboration. Jen now trains other fitness professionals, teaching them how to look after Mums in a safe and effective way through her accredited course: Safe For Return To Exercise And Mum Safe Accreditation. 

Jen regularly presents for key conferences within the fitness industry. And she writes for what's new and fitness and women's health Australia. She also sits on the board of fitness Australia. 

Jen shares so much to help others know that they are not alone. And there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, which if you're a regular listener, you know, I'm all about that too.

The key takeaways from this podcast

  • We chat about Jen’s business journey; from a personal trainer to becoming a Mum and developing a bespoke fitness program for Mum’s, to then developing a licensed program to train fitness professionals in her programs for Mum safe accreditation, to branching out across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
  • Jen gives her pearls of wisdom when it comes to safe exercise practices for pre and postnatal Mums
  • Jen shares her experience of battling post natal depression and how she overcame it
  • We both talked openly about our marriage breakdowns, relationship resilience and how we both were able to repair our relationships

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