14 - Caitlin Marwaha on Showing up in your business with style

Today on the podcast I’m having a chat with personal fashion stylist Caitlin Marwaha.

You might describe Caitlin's career in the fashion industry as a whirlwind! From a SAHM to a part time stylist, fast forward 7 years and Caitlin now runs a highly successful online community and membership called the CM Style Squad.

Caitlin is passionate about supporting women to ‘get dressed with confidence everyday’ and she teaches her philosophy style made simple in her 6 week program ‘5 stages to style’

The basis of what Caitlin does is around sharing her knowledge with everyday women so that they feel empowered to make the right style choices for their individual body shape, lifestyle and budget. 

In our chat today, Caitlin shares her own journey as a mum turned entrepreneur and you’ll hear how she built her business whilst raising kids, which in the early days was journey which she took day by day, shaping her business up over time so that when the opportunity came and her kids were at an age where she could double down on her business - she could sprint her way (in stylish shoes no doubt) with confidence and determination and grow CM style squad to be the success it is today!


The key takeaways from this podcast


  • Caitlin outlines how to keep your style simple when showing up as the face of your business


  • Caitlin’s shares her framework essential for identifying your very own personal style
  • She also shares her tips for styling yourself with confidence.

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Instagram - @bycaitlinanne 


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