20 - Chasing the work-life blend

If you want to show up stronger and with a better work-life blend in 2022 - you need to first identify where we can make positive changes by objectively reviewing your business before you can future focus on your ideal lifestyle. This is where a comprehensive business health check is so important to identify areas for positive change. 

So on the podcast today, I’m going to go through the 6 core pillars of business success in the form of a business health check! And why you should be doing it on a quarterly, if not annual basis!

The key takeaways from this podcast

If you have never done a business health check, if you don’t know where to start when it comes to reviewing the health of your business - The good news is, I have you covered! Join me for a 60 min workshop style webinar on Thursday 25th November - It’s called Reflect, Recharge and Plan for 2022. Grab your ticket at my website donnahann.com/reflect

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