22 - Master your Marketing with Jane Hillsdon

Marketing - It’s one of the most important pillars for a successful business and I’m always inspired by other women who market really well. Which is why I invited Jane Hillsdon to be my guest this week! 

Jane is a passionate award-winning marketer dedicated to helping small businesses in regional Australia create high impact marketing campaigns with a small budget. 

The key takeaways from this podcast

    • Jane shares her business journey from small town girl to building a successful marketing agency and online marketing course for small business owners
    • We talk about the biggest mistake that small business owners make when it comes to marketing
    • Jane shares her recommendations for making a great first impression on social media
    • We unpack ways to create social media images that make an impact and getting messages across in writing captions and copy
    • Plus, Jane tells us about Apple's iOS14.5 update in an easy to understand explanation and how it affects small businesses.

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