23 - Stress, Motherhood & the silly season with Dr Ali Young

Season #3

This episode of the podcast is for Mums in Business who are feeling the stress of juggling all the things! I wanted to open up a conversation to help you to understand how the brain and nervous system works when it comes to stress, and the effect it has on our body and mind. I also wanted to open up the conversation about Mum Guilt. And the person who instantly came into my head to share her wisdom in this area was Dr Ali Young! 

Dr Ali Young is a chiropractor on a mission! To help mums reset and reclaim their health and rediscover their joy and sense of self. Combining her love of all things neurology, research, stress and chiropractic with her personal motherhood journey, Ali has created an online community, resource hub and courses for mothers the world over! 

The key takeaways from this podcast

  • Dr Ali Young’s business journey
  • Dr Ali tells us about the brain/nervous system, where does stress come from and how stress affects our body and our mindset
  • We share the kinds of things we can do to reduce stress or end the stress cycle
  • We chat about Mum guilt, specifically when it comes to being a Mum in business or a working mum
  • And... the silly season! How you can manage expectations and enjoy it!

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