24 - Courage, vulnerability and resilience as a business owner

Season #3

In business we set big dreams, sometimes really big big dreams - which is exactly what you should be doing. Setting big dreams and going after them takes a truck load of courage! But in reality sometimes those dreams don’t end up happening! And that leaves you vulnerable to experiencing all kinds of uncomfortable and disappointing feelings. 

In this episode of the She’s in Business podcast, I expose the finish line to be not the be all and end all. Your life will take you to remarkable places if you believe in your ability and keep moving yourself forward. And I believe the word that best describes this is resilience. 

The key takeaways from this podcast

  • Acknowledging that allowing yourself to be courageous and vulnerable is continual practice for building resilience as a business owner
  • Trust in believing that all of your hard work is leading you somewhere, regardless of the goals you actually achieve - you will eventually end up where you are meant to be!
  • Not only does it take courage to build up your business, but it also takes courage to stop the things that are not working
  • I share a part of my business journey that left me feeling completely vulnerable but became one of the best business decisions I made

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