29 - Nicole Hatherly on Unearthing Your Signature Brand

Season #2

My guest is Nicole Hatherly, an award-winning Global Brand Strategist, Profile Specialist, Business Storyteller, International Keynote Speaker, Expert Facilitator, Brand Led Growth Strategist and creator of global Personal x Professional Brand program Brand Your Way. 

For over 28 years, Nicole has delivered award-winning strategies and campaigns for iconic brands, global organisations, influential thought leaders and business leaders. 

As you’ll hear in the podcast, Nicoles superpower is guiding you to align your vision, articulate your value, and amplify your voice for impact and legacy. 

In our chat today, Nicole demonstrates her super powers in the ways she unearths brand magic - she goes to work on me in this episode too and together we uncover my signature story map and what Nicole refers to as my origin story! 

Key Takeaways

  • Nicole shares her fascinating business journey
  • Nicole unpacks what is a 'signature brand' and breaks down how can be a catalyst for accelerating your impact when it comes to business
  • We discuss the relevance for small businesses to master your Personal x Professional brand in 2022
  • Nicole shares why it’s important to have a signature brand and a brand story when it comes to standing out from the competition
  • We dig into how to unearth your brand story (Nicole works her magic on me to uncover my brand story!)

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Connect with Nicole Hatherly

  • Twitter: Nicolehatherly_ 
  • Facebook: Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Brandtruenorth 
  • Instagram: Nicolehatherly_ 
  • Linkedin: Linkedin.Com/In/Nicolehatherly

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