31- Katrina McCarter on Marketing to Mums

Season #2

My guest today is Katrina McCarter the founder of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Katrina is a marketing strategist, best-selling author, international speaker and business advisor, who specialises in helping business owners and brands sell more effectively to the world’s most powerful consumer, Mums. 

Katrina is an award-winning businesswoman and mother of three, and so in our chat today not only do we talk about all things marketing, but we also chat about Katrina’s journey as a Mum in business herself.

Key Takeaways - 

  • Discover more about the world’s most powerful consumer - Mums!
  • Katrina shares her research and reveals how Mums want to be marketed to.
  • In our conversation, Katrina tells us the biggest mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them
  • The consumer behaviour when looking at which social media channels to focus on
  • Katrina shares her tips for attracting the Mum audience to your business

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