33 - Nadine Nethery on creating content that converts

Season #2

Nadine Nethery joins me on the podcast today to talk about the importance of audience research for creating copy that converts and how to go about it. It’s one of her big passions because it’s so often overlooked. Nadine is a strategic copywriter and brand strategist, who believes in intentional brand touch points within a fully mapped customer journey - I 100% agree with Nadine, I think it is incredibly important to get this right within your business.

In our chat today Nadine and I explore all things copywriting when it comes to infusing your brand into your customer journey, nurture genuine connections, drive sales and celebrate loyalty authentically.

Key Takeaways

  • Nadine defines copywriting; what it is and it’s importance for business
  • Nadine shares ways to optimise your research when it comes to your ideal customer
  • We explore the concept of the customer journey, and why it needs to be part of your marketing strategy and the importance of nurturing your customers
  • Nadine also share her suggestions for repurposing content

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