35 - Dr Lucy Burns on Burnout, Boundaries, Hormones & Self Care

Season #2

My guest is Dr Lucy Burns, a medical doctor who runs a very busy practice and has a huge passion for health particularly when it comes to obesity medicine in helping people go from overweight and overwhelmed to being in control and full of health. One of the major components for thriving health is of course mindset, which is one of the topics that we cover in this episode! Dr Lucy has a wonderful knack for storytelling and using analogies to explain complicated medical and behavioural science.

The focus of our chat is around business burnout. We go deep into a conversation about burnout prevention, self care and boundaries! We untangle the relationship that can sometimes exist between women and their businesses, which interestingly is closely related to the tangled relationship women often have with food and health. 

Key Takeaways

  • Dr Lucy Burns shares her business journey 
  • We discuss the increased rate our burnout in recent years, and strip away the common misconceptions of shame, defeat, weakness and failure when it comes to understanding burnout
  • Dr Lucy describes the correlations between business burnout and weight management when it comes to mindset and self care
  • In our discussion, the importance of boundaries is highlighted as a necessary technique for managing self care
  • We open up the conversation about hormones and the impact they have on our health


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