49 - Become an Award Winning Business Award Owner

Season #2

For small business owners in Australia, right now we are leaning into awards season! 

If you have never entered or been nominated into a business award, then this is going to be a really powerful episode for you! It’s also for you if you want to optimise your chances of winning. In this episode I'm chatting about the benefits of entering into business awards programs (even if you don’t win) and give you some suggestions on how to attract the eye of the judges and make the most of the publicity that comes from being a nominee, finalist or winner!

Key Takeaways

  • The benefits of entering into awards, even if you don’t win!
  • Incorporating business awards programs into your marketing strategy to amplify your credibility
  • Attracting new customers and team members with your nominations and wins
  • Tips for catching the eye of the judges
  • Download checklist for optimising your chances of winning awards

Links mentioned in the show

Get my free Checklist for winning Business Awards https://www.donnahann.com/winner 


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