53 - 10 Seconds of Courage with Nadine Champion

Season #2

So much about being a business owner is about mindset. You can have all the technical business skills but when faced with a challenge or when you are levelling up through a growth phase, if you haven’t got mindset tools to work with, you can completely unravel or freeze. 

My guest is Nadine Champion, and yes she actually is a champion in more ways than one, which you’ll learn about as you listen to this episode! Nadine is a professional speaker & mindset coach with 35 years of lived experience in martial arts, with a huge passion for teaching people how to create the mental edge for competitive success in business and life. Nadine was catapulted into the spotlight with her Tedx talk ‘10 Seconds of Courage’ in 2015, sharing her story and mindset after recovering from cancer.

In this episode, Nadine and I chat about courage, resilience, the importance of having mentors & how women can be in each other's corners! 

Key Takeaways

  • Nadine shares her story of courage and resilience
  • We chat about the concept of 10 Seconds of Courage
  • Embracing change and knowing how to seize life-changing moments!
  • Practising resilience in life and in business
  • Finding your Mr Miagi’s in the world and surround yourself with people who are in your corner

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