55 - Are you Ready to Rise? What It's Like Inside The Program

Season #2

I talk alot about Ready to Rise, it’s my signature group coaching program. It’s a program that is different from all the other business related online programs out there because it’s a holistic program for Mums made for more. 

I decided to invite a few of my Ready to Rise program graduates to the podcast to share with you what it’s like to be in the program, what happens in the weekly group coaching sessions, and what it feels like inside the exclusive online group community.

WHY? Because you need to know from not just me but from ladies who have been through the program - how it feels, what they learned and how their business and lifestyle has transformed to what it is today.

I can help you go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and on the road to burnout to thriving as a business owner - but hearing it first hand from the ladies I’ve helped is how I can show you the real results!

Key Takeaways 

  • Madison joined the program shortly after opening the doors to her VA business and how she shares how she has almost maxed out her availability with clients since going through the program.
  • Jen shares her initial apprehension in joining the program and how she went from feeling stuck on how to grow her established business and is now exploring new revenue streams and levelling up her business.

Doors are now open for the last intake for 2022! To find out more of to join the Ready to Rise Program, hit the link in bio or head to www.donnahann.com


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