56 - Self Care, Mindset and Self Sabotage

Season #2

Inspired by the pages of my personal journal, this podcast episode is for you if you ever find yourself in a loop of self sabotage - patterns and behaviours or an inner story that is keeping you small and stuck! 

I’m digging into self care, mindset and ways to break free from self sabotaging patterns so that you can have the business success you’ve been dreaming of and the lifestyle you know is waiting for you! 

Key Takeaways

  • Shifting your perspective through emotional check ins
  • Embracing the need for alone time to be introspective
  • Stepping out of the crazy fast paced lifestyle and listening to your inner knowing
  • Challenging yourself to identify patterns of self sabotage
  • Breaking the behaviour loop by identifying the fear and creating a solution for the worst case scenario and then go after what you want with confidence!


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