Ep 57 - Partners in Business with Karyn + Helen

Season #2

I’ve spoken to lots of solo business owners, so it was time to I invited Karyn McRae & Helen Lynch to the podcast to share their journey as business partners.

They started their design business McRae & Lynch Designs after graduating from full-time study at The Design Centre Enmore, where they first met. Over the years their business evolved from a small part-time suburban design team (whilst bringing up their families), into their well established & successful design company

Key Takeaways:

  • Karyn + Helen share how they create the vision for the future of their business together
  • How they work together with their individual skills set
  • The way they handle disagreements/ differences of opinions
  • Ways that they have maintained a working relationship for so many years, through all the seasons of raising a family/growing a business
  • How their business has evolved 

Links mentioned in the show:

Website: https://www.mcraeandlynch.com.au

Facebook and Instagram Handle: @mcraeandlynchinteriordesign 

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