Ep59 - Alignment & Shifting Energy to Meet Goals w/- Kerry Rowett

Season #2

Being a business owner takes a lot of energy!! Showing up consistently to market your business, to serve your clients/customers, to grow it to become highly profitable AND it takes a lot of energy to show up for yourself, to back yourself, to believe in yourself to reach those big goals. Sometimes without even realising it, we can be standing in our own way. Blocked by uncertainty, negativity, self limiting beliefs, past experiences, the story we are telling ourselves. 

My guest Kerry Rowett, a highly sort after Kinesiologist of 13 years chats with me today about her methodology of Align + Attract, which teaches entrepreneurs how to identify their specific blocks, get out of their own way, and how to align their energy to their goals

Key Takeaways

  • Decide what YOU want (big clue…notice what ISN’T working)
  • Release what’s misaligned with what you want
  • Align with your goals
  • Take aligned action
  • Reflect (notice what is and isn’t working) + REPEAT


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