Ep60 - Leadership Mastery w/- Jane Grech

Season #2

My guest on the podcast today is Jane Grech. An empowering leader in her industry, Jane’s businesses thrive from the power of a positive culture by design. Working with vision, her teams are a united and determined force. By embracing and enjoying challenges and celebrating success through having fun, her people are not only personally and professionally fulfilled, but they are also her businesses greatest strength.

In this episode, Jane shares her experienced wisdom on the topic of leadership, both team leadership and self leadership. 

Key takeaways


  • Learn about Jane’s journey as a business owner 
  • We explore the topic of leadership
  • Preparing your business for introducing a team
  • Creating boundaries within a close knit team
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Team retention
  • Self care as the leader
  • Investing in your leadership skills



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