Ep66 - Using Video to Impact Your Business

Season #2

In this digital age, video is the fastest way to build trust, convey credibility and amplify your message in a competitive economy.

Rebecca Saunders is a 7-figure global video production business owner, she is also an online educator - a fearless, fabulous crusader of empowering business owners to purposely create video content.

In this episode we chat about overcoming mindset hurdles specific to video creation, incorporating reels on your video strategy, must have videos for your website, PLUS loads of tips and hacks for video creation! 

Key Takeaways

  • The common blocks that rise for business owners when it comes to video
  • Mindset strategies for getting on camera and avoiding comparison yourself to others
  • Rebecca shares her thoughts on reels and how to include them as a video strategy
  • Rebecca shares the must have videos for your website
  • PLUS loads of practical and cost cutting tips for creating great video content


Links mentioned in the show

Rebecca’s list of tech equipment >> www.rebeccasaunders.com/DIY





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