Ep69 - Rule Following Gone Rogue

Season #2

A rule follower gone rogue!

Kell is a lifelong learner, adventurer, spiritual enthusiast with a passion for all things mindset. With over 16 years experience of being her own boss and running multiple companies, Kell has learnt what it takes to be successful.. not just in business but in life too.

So of course, when I met Kell in person, I was instantly drawn to her! 

In this podcast I uncover why Kell calls herself a rule follower gone rogue, and how self accountability and activating internal change is the key to living the life you want!

Key Takeaways

  • Kell shares her journey through 16 years of business
  • We chat about the powerful effects of self accountability
  • Kell describes and defines ‘activating internal change’ 
  • Discover how key beliefs translate into patterns of behaviour
  • Understand how our stories from past experiences can limit our success and create huge resistance and wasted energy 


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