Ep70 - Resilience When The Going Gets Tough

Season #2

Roslyn Ranse is the epitome of resilience! As a travel professional for almost 15 years, building a multi million dollar travel business from scratch several times, Ros is the inspiration behind Travel Agent Achievers, which was born out of her passion to share her knowledge and expertise with her travel industry peers.

With the arrival of the global pandemic, the travel industry ground to a halt overnight! And like so many travel professionals, Ros watched as the travel industry disintegrated before her eyes! 

In our chat today, we’re digging deeper into resilience and Ros will share her story and her strategies for sticking with what you love as a business owner when the going gets really tough!

Key Takeaways

  • Ros shares her business journey so far as a travel professional and how she supports other travel professionals as a coach and mentor
  • We learn about the crash of the travel industry and the effects it had on small businesses
  • We talk about how resilience is a tool that all business owners need to work on
  • Ros shares her strategies for coping when the going gets tough


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