Ep83 - Increase Your Success With Self Kindness

Season #3

Sophie Bretag is an incredible woman who helps leaders and people in the workplace to show up in every moment with your WHOLE HEART, as a whole human, with all the feels, being authentic and aligned with your values. Her business Mettaleaders is all about embracing kindness as a superpower to create a more joyful world for everyone. Today she joined me on the podcast to share her thoughts and tips for creating cultures of kindness in the workplace, home and your heart!

Key Takeaways


  • Sophie shares her business journey from corporate HR to starting her own business and and becoming well known for her unique skills
  • Why it’s so important to lead your business from your core values
  • How to transition from solopreneur to leading a team
  • The boundaries required to lead with kindness in the workplace



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Sophie’s Website: https://www.mettaleaders.com

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Find Sophie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mettaleadershipandwellness/ 


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