Ep 91 - 90 mins of planning = 90 days of success!

Season #4

In this episode of "She's in Business", we're diving deep into the world of 90-day business planning and how it can fuel your business growth while transforming your mindset.

I'm sharing my own 90-day planning framework, which is all about taking control and aligning your efforts to achieve your business goals effectively.

We'll also chat about the importance of setting deadlines, having a sense of urgency, and prioritising tasks to make the most out of the next three and a half months of the year.

We'll even tackle those pesky self-limiting beliefs and the marathon mentality of success!

Plus, I'm sharing my top tips on how to prioritise your ideas and create a plan that works (even if you can't do everything immediately) with a step-by-step processes for effective business planning, goal setting, and accountability.

Episode Takeaways:

  1. Effective Planning: Take control and align your efforts with a 90-day planning framework to fuel business growth effectively.
  2. Community Support: Explore the benefits of the Soaring to Success membership, which offers live masterclasses and a supportive community for regional businesswomen.
  3. Mindset Matters: Prioritise self-care, tackle self-limiting beliefs, and maintain a sense of urgency to maximise your success within the 90-day business plan.

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