Ep78 - How to get More Sales

Season #3

Maree Kikpatrick is a sales superstar! She is on a mission to help small businesses to design and optimise their sales process in a way that feels connected, authentic and aligned.

Today we chat about how you can make your sales system simple, effective and aligned, without feeling sleazy. Maree also shares the biggest mistakes that she often sees when working with her clients, the basics of sales psychology and creating a sales process that will make a big difference to your business

Key Takeaways

  • Maree shares her tips for making your sales system simple, effective and aligned with your business values
  • She shines light on the biggest mistakes that lots of business owners make and how to avoid them
  • We chat about the psychology of selling
  • Learn about optimal sales processes and strategies that you can implement into your business to make a big difference to your income


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