Ep 114 - Triple the Impact of Your Brand Marketing with Three Simple Steps

Season #4

In this episode, I'm sharing my Top 3 tips on how regional business owners can triple the impact of their brand marketing.

I discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach to brand marketing that considers both internal elements like business values and mission, as well as external elements like customer relationships.

Many businesses are missing crystal clear messaging, strong brand positioning, and recognisable brand strength in their strategies, so I also discuss the need to build a highly magnetic brand that resonates with ideal customers and increases sales over time.

Episode Highlights:

  • Develop a holistic brand marketing approach that includes internal and external elements
  • Common missing elements are crystal clear messaging, brand positioning, and brand strength
  • Build a highly recognisable brand that resonates with customers and increases sales
  • Ensure marketing matches product/service experience to build trust and avoid disappointment
  • Positive customer experience is key to word-of-mouth growth
  • Regional communities are great for conversations - be the solution discussed

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