Ep 115 - All The Social Secrets! With Maree Sortino

Season #4

This week I'm interviewing social media expert Maree Sortino to discuss the latest social media strategies and tips for regional business owners. Maree shares insights on creating engaging video content, using trending audio effectively, and developing a comprehensive social media planning strategy. 

Episode Highlights

  • Use the first 1.3-3 seconds of reels to capture viewers' attention
  • Include a clear call to action within the reel itself
  • Authentically represent your business and target audience in video content
  • Experiment with trending audio only if it resonates with your audience
  • Develop distinct hashtags tailored to each social media post
  • Leverage AI tools to generate captions while maintaining your brand voice
  • Implement a content planning process to inform your social media strategy


  1. Get Maree's Social Media Planning Toolkit: https://courses.thesocialsecret.com.au/the-ultimate-social-media-planning-toolkit


    Find out more about Maree and The Social Secret at https://www.thesocialsecret.com.au/ 
  3. Follow Maree on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/the_social_secret/ 

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