Ep 121 - Maximising Time and Energy for Business Growth

Season #4

In this episode, I'm digging into some of the most common challenges with time management and lack of energy that business owners face. I'm giving you actionable strategies for effective time planning, prioritising high-value tasks, leveraging community support, and optimising self-care habits to boost productivity and business growth.

Episode Highlights:

  • Use a simple productivity planner to plan your week and reduce overwhelm
  • Prioritise tasks that leverage your strengths and energise you
  • Set boundaries to avoid burnout and create a sustainable work-life blend
  • Leverage a supportive business community for accountability, insights and motivation
  • Control what you can with self-care like sleep, nutrition and exercise for sustained energy

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2. Free Guide Manage Your Mindset; Business is a Mind Game, How You Can Play To Win
3. Free Clarity Checklist; A Guide To Gaining Focus & Direction In Your Business
4. Free Ultimate Productivity Planner; Maximise Your Time & Productivity!


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